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*whistles idly* [Aug. 11th, 2004|05:30 am]
"So what's up?" I said to a girl I'd never met before at Mt. View College. We were sitting out in a small lounging area with comfortable seats that let the sun bathe into the area. There were strong healthy trees outside and well cut grass, a rare find in this part of the city. I sat down and introduced myself to the girl, whose name was Cristina. She was a hispanic 17 year old who lived probably not 5 minutes from my house.

We had a good discussion talking about college, and how I went out of state. She asked me about my drawing, which is what I was doing at the time and I showed her what I was drawing plus a drawing of a tiger I'd drawn earlier. As I progressed I asked her what she had in her life that was really special. She didn't really have anything because her life had been going downhill so I told her what I held special in my life: trees.

I took her hand in mine and put it where it would be right in front of the tree. Then I explained to her how the hand's vein and bone structure mirrored that of a tree. I ran my fingers gently along the back of her hand to gesture the branching out and growth of a tree, in its similarity to the branching of the fingers, knuckles, and hand bones from the wrist.

In the end, we spent a somewhat sentimental 15 minutes together, and she left me with her phone number. As her friend came out from the testing center, I said my goodbye and turned around to walk away. I heard them giggling and chattering together as we walked our separate paths.

'Twas a good day, as the zephyrs that blew along my skin were not of the regular heat that this city holds. Alas, it was like an late autumn spring in the northlands (Massachusetts), causing one to appreciate and bask in the sun, rather than cower from it. This may be the better end of the summer, for the voice of the air is glorious.

The mood is well, the weather is sung, and the blackbirds and grackles spend their time nestling in my sacred hang: the front yard. Aaah...what splendid days have come. Oh joy, oh joy.
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Butterfly Phoenix [Aug. 7th, 2004|09:23 pm]
Today or rather tonight has a short message. This is mostly for Leah, who cannot read this right now.

Through indiscriminite death and self-sacrifice I shall let loose the bonds of humanity, and evangelize my human soul...

Spread out my existence to nothing, to draw from the true essence of infinity. Peirce my human heart and draw from a place deep within. Arise from the ashes of my fallen former self, and ascend like a newly emerged life form.

The sadness that you feel is in vain. I shall not die, I shall not pass from this world. I will shed off the former flawed shell and tear through it anew. A new fire arises from the old embers, and from my shattered smashed form arises a new and beautiful angel.

I shall see you tommorrow, resurrected.

Forever love
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Aaaaah.... [Aug. 6th, 2004|02:31 pm]
A good day today, *big yawn*

Read a little bit of Franklin Covey, aaaaand...watched a couple Jackie Chan movies. Oh MAN! New Fist of Fury sucked! Now I know what movies NOT to watch of Jackies and so can you! ^_^

Okay okay, I know what y'all are waiting for. The spiritual update. New on George:

Sorry Amanda, he's a bit rude.
Everyone knows about George and do you know what he thinks:
"So what."
He's not a very nice guy, I guess he's just having a bad day. Or rather he died on a bad day! Bwahahahaha!
That was a bad idea, I have a feeling I'm gonna wake up one night with a knife above my head.

Spirit Journey today in the soul of a girl named Jess
She has a very pretty soul. Description:
Like a chinese courtyard with lots of flowers, nice little trees, and all that good stuff. I found the malicious spirit. Can't really describe it but a spear was sticking up out of the ground awaiting my use. It was awesome, but when I awoke from it I was out of breath and still am at this point. Of course, I did bind the spirit to me, so that would make some sense.

Lesson of the day:
If someone asks of my help, their soul is officially my responsiblity. Didn't know that one. Jess said I could help her for this little cold and I didn't do anything. Because she gets online and tells me she'll have to go to the hospital. Oops! Right, so I get on it today.

Lesson 2: If a girl says, "You can help if you want," it means "Please help me." I forget that girls are often unsure in EVERYTHING so I misread them every once and a while. Her words were unsure but her heart was DEFINITE. Well, that's one problem settled *dusts off hands*. NEXT!!!
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Home Alone 4: Your's Truly [Aug. 5th, 2004|09:14 am]
I'm home alone until Sunday Morning. Oh what shall I do?

Last night while in bed, I turn to read something, and notice something black and clear moving in a circular motion in the corner of my eye. Try to look at it, it's gone, go back, it's there. What do I do? Ask it's name. First I call it Bob, then it corrects me, it's name is George. We have a spirit on our hands folks. We've established a few things.

1. His name is George, not Bob.
2. He's black and clear and floats in counter clockwise circles.
3. He can change form and size
4. He either has a sense of humor, or he wants to kill me.
5. He doesn't trust me as he's keeping his distance.
6. He won't speak audibly, only in the mind.
7. He's way too weak to actually kill me.

This should be amusing. George and I will be protecting the house for a few days. If anyone has questions to ask him, I'll be glad to ask. He's pretty shy, so don't ask anything too complicated. Bwahahaha! Good times!

Amanda, I love you. Michael, kick ass and have fun! By the way, I'm in Anderson house dog. I don't know where you are, but winter term we'll try to room up, if, that is, we're not already together. Let me see, anyone else? Oh, Jezibel! Send me those pictures or I really am gonna spank you when I see you. Keagen, if you're reading this, you better start pimpin' NOW! To all the magicians and shamans: guys, I'm workin' on Theurgy right now, and I'm gonna bring out my Hermes and Anubis traits. Also Christ rocks.

After working closely with Christ I came to a few realizations. I care nothing for anything associated with Christ past the Disciples. Christ cares more about you taking ACTION that speaking inspired word. Inspired speeches inspire people for a couple hours. I call this Church syndrome. People go to Church, they get all inspired, they socialize afterwards, then they lose all their inspiration about 2 hours to 2 and a half hours later. They repeat the process until they die. HOW BORING! Christ wants people to take action, not freakin' worship him and talk about him in big words!

The Native Americans would say this about the average American: You speak big but you have no medicine. American is that which speaks but has nothing to show. And that's the reason our pride is only skin deep. God bless us, we've defined ourselves by what others think, what the media says, and what fits in. None of that matters. We must find the thing in life that matters to us the most, live for it, work for it, die for it. My big thing is spiritual evolution, especially of mankind. Its a BIG goal, but how am I gonna get anywhere if I set my goals too low? I've been taking the steps with using shamanic healing, alchemical self evolution, and etc. I have something to show for my words.

Note: Theurgy, Hermeticsm, HUman Spiritual Evolution all rocks: Good practicioners of this are Trithemius, Abra Melin the Mage, and Padmasambhava.

Topic that bothers me a bit today: The modern idea that you need to have a life mate, a man has to have a female counterpart to lead a happy life. I disagree. And it seems that every great figure in the past is either scorned or considered gay if he did not marry. Let's take Jesus for example. There's been a lot of talk that his wife was Mary Magdalen. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. What's the big deal? If she wasn't, which I'm betting is true, it doesn't make a difference. What a lot of moderners don't understand is that Jesus had a love of his life: God and spiritual work. He didn't need a woman.

To go on, let's take Leonardo DaVinci. There's big talk that he is gay. OR maybe he was in love with his work, and didn't need a woman either. I can't think of much more, but the idea that a man needs a woman to be happy has become very popular, and I don't think it's true. If I never marry, or have kids, it doesn't mean that I'm incapable of attracting a woman or am gay, because we know both of those are untrue. But I have my own passion which I live for and I see it as an obligation to live for. No female companion comes before that.

Well, that's about all for now I guess. I'll be getting back on AIM and schtuff.
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Aw heeeeelllll yeah [Jul. 29th, 2004|10:17 am]
Went to Hard Rock Cafe the other night with a bunch of friends. Marsha a girl I know (Hotness level 9) brought a friend, Leah (hotness level 8). I moved over to sit next to Leah, and put some SERIOUS game on this biatch, and Marsha gets uber pissed! Bwahahaha! That was really enjoyable to watch. Had we been alone, Leah and I woulda hit the sack.

I noticed that body language, mental state, eye contact, and tone of voice are huge factors in communication. That's pretty sweet. To note: women are a lot more sensitive to feelings than we guys are, USUALLY. Never realized that. Shoot, I went to this girl Leah, looking her straight in her eyes, bein' all sexual like, talking about sex, playing with her food, taking her drink without askin', tickling her and being all touchy, bein' like hot ice actin' all chill, and I don't even realize until 40 minutes after knowin' her that she seriously has the hots for me. That was kinda fun.

Note: Final Fantasy X-2 has little to no plot! Boooooring! But! It's fun as hell. Too bad there's no guys to use. Oh well, the alfits make up for it.
Second: Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children will rock. Write it down, remember it, look forward to it.

Observation: The redifinition of one's self is the spice of live. Continual evolution, change, and adaptation are what give flavor to one's life. I'm pissing off a lot of my friends because I change so much each day or every couple of days. The Sean you know last week, will certainly be gone. Why are they pissed? This is fun!

Realization: My former selves were greatly flawed. Damn I thought about women WAY too much! What a puss ass! Life rocks! Have fun, do something totally new, pick up a new skill, push your limits, become a leader, find an animal you really love, and FIND YOUR PASSION or DREAM! 1,2,3 Heaven or Hell, Let's Rock!

Hypothesis: Angels and the Original Shamans are completely synonymous. The old myths and legends about shamans say that the first shamans came directly from Heaven and shared the secrets of the Divine with humans. For that they were punished. What does this sound like?! Jewish Scripture: Dead Sea Scrolls: Book of Enoch, the Angels called the Nephilim or the Watchers. They came from Heaven to watch over mankind, but instead they sexed women, had children that were half human and half angel (and that's not the worst of it) and shared ALL the secrets of God with mankind. The presumed God was uber pissed about the secrets being given and he sent the great four (Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael) to banish all the Watchers, cast out the sons of the Angels and Women, and then proceeded to flood the freakin' planet leaving only Enoch's great great grandson, Noah, as the sole human survivor of the flood (alongside his planet).

So if that's the case, I now understand my whole close connection with angels. Woot.

Finisher: College is coming up and I have a new approach to it. I must always, ALWAYS pay attention to my most subtle instinctive messages. It's seeming as though that if I don't, I get screwed over. It's as though my life is war, and if I don't pay attention to my subtlest feelings, I get my freakin' head blown off. Bloody Lizard totem animal, curse you. Mike, get ready for Prin dog! Either it's gonna rock or it's gonna rock even more, but I don't intend to either fail or be miserable. I expect to do really well and to have a lot of fun! Prin has a lot of faith in me because they paid an uber amount of financial aid, so I'm thinking they know I'll do well. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Hopefully you and I can be roomates and all, that would be slick shit.

Peace out dogs and biatches!
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A New Day, A New Age, A New FIRE! [Jul. 26th, 2004|10:02 am]
Greeting all who read my journal. This morning I was listening to Thrice, mostly between two songs: All that's Left, and Phoenix Ignition. These two songs inspired me to get in touch with my more poetic self. So, I have a poem for everyone:

Falling into darkness,
Where knowledge is contained.
Breaking down-‘til ONLY TRUTH REMAINS!
And from this
We will arise anew

Lead to Gold Transmission
Complete- Transmutation
The boldness
To take a step beyond,
We must preconceive the future,

Even if
We only sink deeper
For eternity
We will move forward,
Until our souls are gone!

A new age
With which we will bear witness,
Our shoulders it’s upon
Rides on our very backbones
Infinity is OURS

From Cocoon! In the Womb!
Gold Arise! No more lies!
From Shadow! To Angelic Light!
Nectar of Life! You know what’s right!
Destroy ego! Breaking Boundaries!
We set ourselves Free!

Ourselves Free!

We find Liberty!


We are Liberty!!!

* * *

I have yet another poem.

Grasshopper Profiles

I often wait around,
Shooting in the breeze
Others come around,
Frustrated in me.

They think of me as lazy,
Lackadaisical and slow.
It is not my fault
I jump so far beyond,
Where everyone else goes.

I will sing my song of life,
Just before I take my leap
Of all my former things I held,
It's the knowledge I will keep

And you'll find my song
Is incredibly unique.
For it reinstantes my soul,
Which is what you seem to seek.

But in the astral plane I'll travel,
For my flight is glorious.
Zooming forward I will revel,
In the power of the sun.

In the splendid wake of springtime,
On the blades of grass I'll rest.
Patience, Timing, Knowing,
Ultimately are my test.

Patience, Timing, Knowing,
Ultimately are my test.
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Uh...Yeehaw [Jul. 24th, 2004|06:29 pm]
Wow, it's been a long break, but I think its time I updated. Good god a lot can go on in a couple of weeks, even in a day. I have officially acheived the seemingly impossible. Being one of the most unpredictable people that most of my friends know. Blah...

Did you know the butterfly experiences a transformation like no other living organism on the planet. When a catepillar goes into a cocoon, it completely changes it's entire DNA to become a butterfly. That's right, it's a completely different creature. I think the human soul can be like that too. Aaaand...I use the butterfly as a good example to point out a part of my life, but we'll not go there eh? That's one spicy can of beans!

Over the last few weeks I will say that I've probably met about 30 new people, and of that number, around 10 or perhaps 12/13 attractive women. Yeah, most if not all of them have been at an age range of 20-24 years old, and I will say that they are intensely interesting, if not also challenging. There are some qualities that people tend to like: spontenaeity, humor, calmness, confidence, etc etc. I could give a list but this isn't a freakin' essay.

Former problem of mine:(this I especially tell to Mike (who I should have watched closer) and especially (if you're reading this) Jake and Andrew) I cared too much, I was too soft, and I thought too much about what other people think of me. That was an interesting time, for sure. NOT! Life sure is boring when you think too much, and you feel too much. Feelings are great, well...that is...for women. Hm...maybe I shouldn't go there.

Oh, and on a side note: don't do drugs. ^_^ Been there, done that, done with it, as far as I'm concerned. Now then, hanging out at friends' houses is cool, that is...when there's an equal amount of girls as there is guys. When there's far too many guys I find the need to seperate myself from the group. I'm just not feelin' it, but that might be me.

Ah, my mom earlier told me that my foundation was the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and The Bible. Hm...that's interesting. But can a pair of books really be a good foundation? Don't you think that one's foundation for their presumed soul should be something that can't be burnt, torn up, or is tangible? I dunno, but I'm pretty sure my foundation is within my heart. Buuuuut....that's philosophical nonsense.

Blah blah blah, I could continue this crap, but I think I'm done for the day. I got more peeps to meet. Peace out homes!
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2004|02:02 pm]
Oh maaaaaa....what a fuckin' crazy day this was. I am sooooo out of it. I have my reasons, those who know say nothing, those who don't, don't ask. Oh man, what can I say? Partying at friend's house was pretty sweet. Sooooo many guys, sooooo few girls. That's usually when I leave.

Fucked around with a Ouija board: some spirit called "TJ". Cussed at it, and we had a freakin' Catholic in the room praying with a freakin' crucifix in his hand. One of my friends knocked the crucifix and the hankerchief out of his hand, and slapped him in the face.

We all...did our thing, and it was freakin' wild. Slept from about 3:00 to 11:30, I only slept about half of that, the rest of the time was spent awake. Man, I've got SOOOO much energy, I could hunt a wild boar.

Anyway, I'm outta here before I fall out of my chair or asleep on the keyboard.

signing out qwsadsadasfsa
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What a Glorious Day. [Jul. 13th, 2004|02:11 pm]
Indeed, today is splendid. Yesterday I spoke to a psychologist (no, I'm not getting counseling, I didn't even know he was a psychologist at first)about a lot of things. And he has helped me much. <--understatement of the millenium.

Anyway, what about today. Hm...let me think... I'm a changed man, I guess. Whatever, that's kinda lame when you think about that statement. Let's just say I've done some rethinking, and I can finally fix some things that needed repair in my life.

Hm...I'll be back to post more if I can think of something. Oh yeah, Jezibel, rock on and we need to meet up and hit the hay.

Michael, we're gonna fuckin' see Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, that movie's gonna kick some serious ass.

Amanda: I love you little sister, take care of Michael, he'll take care of you. Keep shining in your special, quiet little way.

Um...who else might be out there.

Tyler: Sorry about your family man, that sucks, but I know you can get over it. Remember to look deep within yourself not in some outside source for answers. And..maybe you should get guidance for magic or something.

Shout out to Chris and Jeremiah, two of the smartest fuckin' magicians I've ever met. Chris, you're gonna get somewhere man, you'll rule the fuckin' world. Jeremiah, you're powers are out of this world. I gotta get taught by you, and I've almost learned the entire Hebrew alphabet, I think I've gotten to Sahmek.

Peace out everyone.

Man, I noticed I have a lot more well...fire today. If someone says one small thing that pisses me off, I react. I used to ignore stuff and let it go, but now I'll tear them a new one if they piss me off.

Hell, whatever. Peace my crackas and niggas.
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2004|05:30 pm]
Well, this weekend has pretty much rocked. I saw like, four movies: The Order, Shrek 2, Walking Tall, and King Arthur. Of course my favorite was King Arthur, I mean...come on! 'Twas a glorious tale of real men, not legend, but of men who became legend.

Favorite knight: Sir Tristam
Reason: He had a Mongolian sword and Mongolian armor. He was decked out. The first time he drew his sword I knew it was an Asian style, because that was basically the ancient form of a Katana, and he fought with a very similar style. He must have been from or traveled to the far east, where the "huns" had reigned.

Shrek 2: Pretty good, and pretty funny.
Favorite Character: The gingerbread man
Why: It's self explanatory.

Walking Tall:
This movie was a lot better than I expected. The Rock easily surpasses the talents of Stalone, Schwartznegger, Van Damme *shivers*, and Segal. I also like that he didn't kill that many people, and only did when he had no other choice. I think the total death count in that movie was about 6, and only three of those were by his own hand. Well, it might have been 8 that died. He rarely used a gun, more like a big peice of Cedar, and he was dangerous with it. That movie was badass, I suggest anyone who can rent it, watch it. I just might buy it (after I get The Last Samurai and King Arthur).

The Order: Ehh....this movie was fair. If you're really into exorcism you should watch it. If you're into ghosts and demons, it's fairly intertaining. If you don't want Catholic Church propaganda, than this is NOT the movie for you. If you don't fit into any of those categories, then the movie means nothing to you. Unless you're just a Catholic. Then go ahead and watch, it'll be somewhat entertaining to you.

Other events of the weekend:

Going to Irving Mall. It's still a good mall, I saw lots of cute girls, but I didn't speak to a single one. I also saw a trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. These comments are directed to Michael: Dude, it fuckin' rocks!!! Oh my God! It looks awesome!!! Okay, this one dude had Tifa by the leg and he's spinning and throws her at a wall, and she flips and lands against the wall by her feet. You see all the flower pedals on the ground fly up into the air, and she's lookin' down at him all badass (and hot of course). And I think Sephiroth has a clone. And Cloud's bike has two little compartments that pop out and he has like 10 swords. And he and Sephiroth fight on motor cycles (I think it's Seph), there's like two of them. Seph is on a motorcyle in front of him, and he shoots his shotgun at him, then draws his sword and turns around on his bike (sliding backwards) then they play chicken. There's one part where there's this huge explosion and you see Cloud's bike up in the air, and he's coming down at Sephiroth (whose not on his bike anymore) and they clash swords. It's just absolutely...godly. We gotta see that as soon as it comes out. I mean like...opening day (which should be in the Fall).

Anyway, back to everyone. I also went to the Six Flags mall in Arlington which freakin' SUCKS! BUT...it has four dollar movies (new ones), and I met this girl who works at a Korean restaurant. She's Cambodian and 21 years old. Well, she's more of a woman than a girl. So I have to adjust accordingly. Which is good, I actually have to be my best for once, instead of dumbing down. I hope no one was offended by that. Anyway, I got her number and I'm gonna call her tommorrow.

See yah tommorrow.
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